Honor – the Chinese sub-brand of Huawei – has had a turbulent few days after restrictions were placed on the company’s use of Android, but nevertheless it’s still going ahead with its next big phone launch.

We’re now reporting on the he Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20 launch live, at the company’s launch event that’s happening in Battersea Park in London, UK and it all kicked off at 2PM BST. You can watch it yourself – all the details are in our Honor 20 livestream article – but come on, stick with us here. It’s way more fun.

We’re there to give you the earliest impressions of whatever devices Honor launches as well as the fresh news as the products are being announced live on stage. 

If you’re excited to see what Honor unveils, be sure to head back to this piece as we update it throughout the day and during the launch itself.

At the same time, check out our feature on how Google’s Android restrictions on Huawei may impact you.

Honor 20 launch live blog

All times in British Summer Time (BST)

14:26 – The Honor 20 Pro is coming in Phantom Blue and Phantom Black. Blue is actually blue and green, and Black is actually black and purple, to ‘enter the world of wonder’.

The Honor 20 will get Sapphire Blue, Midnight Black and Icelandic White. Icelandic? Does that mean it’ll be more expensive than average? #satire

14:23 – The punch-hole size has been dropped to an ‘even smaller than Samsung Galaxy S10’ size. For the Honor 20 Pro and the Honor 20 (so there is a second phone, then) there will be this smaller display.

The Honor 20 Pro has a 6.26-inch display, although we’re not sure about the Honor 20. There’s also a physical fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone, as it’s ‘better’ than an in-screen option, apparently. Is it though? Depends what you mean by ‘better’. 

14:22 – The depth layer on the rear of the phone gives a cool ‘cracked light’ effect, although, it’s being now called 3D Triple Mesh Advanced compression technology… although it’s hard to see how that’s much different to previous models. It looks very similar.

14:20 – The Honor 20 Series is here now – we’re watching a video of the new phone (s) now, having been taken through the history of the handsets.

The Honor 20 Pro is first on the scene  – mirroring the efforts of OnePlus with the 7 Pro – Zhao has just shown the front of the phone and there’s muted applause.

It’s an all-screen phone with a punch-hole display – it looks decent but nothing that’s incredibly new. Although, the wallpaper shows the punch-hole giving out ‘light’ and it looks pretty sweet.

14:16 – Nope, not coming on stage. Zhao is back and talking about ‘Honor Life’ – it’s in China and is an ‘edgy place for tech-savvy and stylish youth to connect’… and it’s coming to Paris, Milan, Moscow, Chendu and Madrid. That could be decent to engender community – and you can play basketball too.

14:12 – Maybe not. Zhao is now talking about how the young people are being used to road test the devices, that they are the ‘energy’ to support the growth. Today, ‘in this special time’, he’s happy to introduce new phones. Getting down to business, I like it. 

Wait, no, it’s a new brand ambassador, Dele Alli, the English footballer. Wait, is he not coming onto the stage? Robin Packalen, Eva Samkova, and Mira Filzah are also joining the ‘Honor family’. Wait, they’re saying hello through a video? 

Dele is wearing a t shirt that looks very much like a Chelsea kit, yet he plays for Tottenham. That’s weird. 

Also, they better be coming on stage. If they really want us to ‘Honor’ them.

14:10 – Telling us now how the product was originally designed for the young. There’s a video of young people behind it. Zhao says that he wants Honor to be the brand for young people, to talk to the world, pushing their products and innovation. Is this a veiled point about the issues facing Huawei? That it’s hurting the young people?

14:09 – Finally, George Zhao, president of Honor has taken the stage! I once accidentally watched an entire Huawei press conference next to him. It was like a weird date.

14:08 – Maybe this event will never begin. Maybe we’ll be sat here listening to jazz bongo music, with a slightly sinister undertone, for the rest of time.

14:05 – Finally, it’s about to start. Three minutes? How late is thing going to be? 10 minutes ago Honor announced it would begin in five minutes. Time must work differently for this brand.

13:58 – It’s nearly time – the lights are low, the smell slightly odd, the world getting ready to hear about what Honor has to say – and, of course, waiting to hear whether the brand will make any reference to the fact its future is looking… turbulent, if we’re being kind.

Worrisome if we’re not.

13:30 – We’ve taken our seats, logged into the Wi-Fi, and gotten our Irn Bru ready for the Honor 20 Series launch event at Battersea Evolution in London. The event begins at 2PM BST, which is half an hour, and more and more people are filing in.

Honor videos are playing on the stage, but so far we can’t discern anything about the upcoming phones from them. Instead, they seem designed to get people ready for the Honor brand, using adverts and posters very similar to those Oppo used to launch the Oppo Reno brand of smartphones, so it looks like they’ll be in close competition.

11:00 – It’s been a hectic few days for Honor news. The company has been embroiled in the same restrictions placed on its parent company – that’s Huawei – by Google and they limit its use of the Android platform.

Late yesterday, we heard that the trade restrictions would be lifted on the company until August 19. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good news for the brand in the long term though.

Image Credit: Honor

It’ll be interesting to hear what Honor is set to say on stage about the issue. Many believe this is something that just impacts those in the US, but Google’s choice will actually have repercussions around the world.

Honor CEO George Zhao is expected to play host this afternoon for the Honor event, so we’ll be waiting with baited breath to see how he chooses to address the issue on stage and offer reassurances these devices are worth buying.

10:30 – We’re fed, watered and we promise we’re not falling asleep at our keyboards already. In a couple of hours, we’ll be heading to the Honor 20 launch to hear about the two new devices.

It’s set to take place in Battersea Park in London, which is useful considering one of TechRadar’s HQs is only a few miles from there.