When Huawei P30 deals first hit the market after the device’s release, we waxed lyrical to a rather obsessive degree about two deals in particular. While these offers were impressive enough on their release, they have both just got even better thanks to another price drop.

With these contracts from Mobiles.co.uk you can pay either £26 a month or pay a slightly cheaper £24, both getting you 5GB of data and neither pushing the upfront cost any higher than £40.

That makes these tariffs better than the top Galaxy S9 deal, Huawei P20 Pro deal and a whole lot cheaper than any iPhone 8 deal – a phone that came out almost two years ago.

So if you want to grab this brand new phone at one of the best flagship prices on the market, scroll down to see these deals in full. Or if they don’t quite fufill what you’re wanting from a phone, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals

These incredible Huawei P30 deals:

How good is the Huawei P30?

Now we can understand the worry, this phone has just come out and it’s this cheap. How good can it really be? Let us calm the worries by answering that question – this is a seriously impressive phone.

With a triple camera set up, featuring a ridiculous 40MP camera Huawei has aced the photography aspect of this phone. Pairing this with a hefty 3650mAh battery and powerful processor means you don’t even have to worry about how this phone’s doing internally. 

So it’s well worth the SIM-free P30 price of £699 – and certainly the £616 broken down over two years as explained above.

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